I was anything but shocked when the notification came across my phone that the Carolina Panthers fired Frank Reich this morning. Yes, it’s only 11 games into his first season as the head coach. But David Tepper has a short leash when it comes to coaches (though not short enough when it came to Matt Rhule). And Reich, well he’s done literally nothing in his tenure. The offensive-minded head coach had an offense that can only be described as inept. The team seemingly never bought in. And they certainly didn’t rally around the coach.

Frank Reich and David Tepper

Most Panthers fans never wanted Reich to begin with. And he was set up to fail when the fanbase and team so desperately wanted Steve Wilkes to get the permanent job. To so many fans, there was hardly a realistic scenario where Reich did enough. But I think it’s safe to say, he didn’t do enough for anyone. Not only is the team sitting at 1-10 with the worst record in the NFL. They haven’t shown any signs of improvement. And it’s pretty clear that it was the wrong choice.

That being said as I previously alluded he was set up to fail. The Panthers sold their soul to get Bryce Young. Who admittedly doesn’t have a lot of help. But what we gave up to get Young cost us. And Reich was the one who ultimately took the blame first for that. A decision that most likely wasn’t his. He shouldn’t be the last, GM Scott Fitterer should be the next to go.

I’ve read numerous articles today placing the blame for the absolute **** show that the Panthers are, where I also place it- with David Tepper. Unfortunately, that’s the one thing we can’t change. It’s been a rough going for Panthers fans. I’ve honestly lost interest and certainly lost any emotional investment I had in this team. And I hate it. I resent Tepper. I wish he’d never taken over this team. And I wish he’d let the professionals do what they do and not interject himself in the day-to-day. He could learn, but I don’t have any reason to believe he will. Has he learned from his two horrendous coaching choices? I hope so. The city of Charlotte hopes so.

So while we wait to see what the next move is, enjoy Twitter’s reaction to the Panthers firing of Frank Reich. Because misery loves company. And being a Panthers fan since the day David Tepper became the owner? It’s been nothing but miserable.

  • The Best Job in Sports?

    The best jobs in sports are a fired coach with a solid guarantee (for example Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M) and a backup quarterback. Reich will be fine, he will get a job with another team, and financially is doing well. Will he get another shot at a head coaching gig? I can’t imagine so.

  • He Won't Be Missed

    And if I were him, I’d be happy to be gone from the dumpster fire.

  • Change Takes Time

    But if it’s not working, it’s not working. What was the right move? Who knows.  But Tepper hasn’t made many friends in the Carolina’s or the NFL. And getting someone talented to take a job with a short leash, is going to be tough. I’m not defending Reich, and I’m not mad at this move. But what is the answer? And are we going to give anyone a reasonable chance at change?

  • The Bryce Young Experiment Can't Afford To Fail

    At this point the Panthers have to do anything and everything the can to make Young the quarterback of the future. I was never on board with him and certainly not what we gave up to get him. But we did, and the only thing we can hope for is the best. Who is the coach that gets the most out of Young? That’s the million dollar question. Can Tepper and co answer it correctly? I don’t have faith they do, but I hope they can. If your a Panthers fan, you have to hope. There is nothing else left.

  • Is The Grass Greener?

    It’s an NFL head coaching job. But it’s not the most appealing. It almost seems like whoever ultimately gets this job is set up to fail. So many unknowns. A lack of draft capital to make big changes. And an owner that hasn’t made himself look good and doesn’t give coaches time to implement systems. Is the guaranteed money worth it? Only to some.

  • Stroud vs. Young

    Yes, they have different teams around them. If the teams were reversed we may not see much of a difference. But Stroud has the Texans at 6-5. He’s thrown for over 3,200 yards, 19 touchdowns, and only 5 interceptions. Young has thrown for just over 1,800 for only 9 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. At least four of those have been pick sixes. It’s a conversation that should be had.


  • Nothing Surprises Me Anymore

    Everything in this organization is handled poorly. And if this is the case, it’s another example of that. I don’t know how many times it needs to be said, but it starts from the top.

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