Home hacks are amazing. Do you ever find yourself wishing for an easier way to carry out some of the most time-consuming chores and tasks? Well, look no further, as Compare the Market has compiled a list of the top TikTok home ‘hacks‘ that might just change your life…

Videos on TikTok featuring #homehacks have over 400 million views offering a great outlet for homeowners and renters to be inspired from. Holy moly, that’s a lot of views! From painting your walls with a sponge to straining your pasta properly and even learning how to change your trash bags the right way, Comparethemarket.com.au has revealed the home ‘hacks’ that could help you improve your life. Check out some of the most popular home ‘hacks’ on TikTok to reveal the ones that might just change your life and the ones that might be best to avoid…

  • How to drain pasta the 'right’ way: (8.3M views)

    Who would have thought that most of us have been using a pasta strainer incorrectly? This TikTok user shows how to drain pasta correctly by putting the strainer on top of the cooked pasta and the water. Then, holding both the colander and the saucepan she pours the water and leaves more than eight million viewers questioning why they didn’t think of this before… including us.


    How was I doing this wrong my whole life? This was one of those LIFE HACKS that I use EVERY DAY! #hack #lifehacks #learnontiktok #hacks #lifehack

    ♬ Ultimate life hacks - The Life Bath
  • Save time by hanging your laundry with this easy method: (8.2M views)

    No one is a fan of laundry day, but this video shows the fastest way to put clothes on a hanger and save time and sanity. This TikTok user demonstrated this ‘hack’ that has now become an unconscious standard practice in her life and the video has racked up a whopping eight million views!

  • Painting walls with a sponge: (7.6M views)

    Painting is a task that takes hours upon hours, and sometimes even an entire day, but this TikTok user shares an ingenious way to cut back the time significantly. By using a sponge to paint the wall, this home hack has left more than seven million users wondering if they’ve been living their life on hard mode all this time…

  • Painting your decking with a sweeping brush: (5.6M views)

    Painting can be time-consuming, messy, and exhausting but this genius ‘hack’ shows how you can paint your decking in record time using nothing other than a garden broom. At the time of writing, this ‘hack’ that could save you a few hours of work has over five million views!


    I had to use Kelly’s sound after doing this today! @thelifebath #lifehack #diy

    ♬ Ultimate life hacks - The Life Bath
  • Prevent liquids from spilling when pouring from a cup: (2.1M views)

    Apparently, pouring liquids from a cup shouldn’t be as messy as it usually is. This hack might be the end of pouring nightmares with more than two million users vouching for this simple ‘hack’. As the creator of the video suggests, by placing a spoon on the cup whilst pouring the liquid you can avoid spillage. Who knew it could be this simple?

  • DIY blinds duster: (1.2M views)

    This user created an effective blinds cleaner using two sponges and a pair of tongs, leaving over a million TikTok users in awe. Even though this might be a cost-effective way to keep dust off your window and blinds, it is important to remember that it may cause damage to the slat.


  • Changing trash bags the ‘right’ way: (383.6K views)

    By simply putting the bag over the trash can and then pushing it in so there’s no air, you don’t tear the bag and keep your fingers clean while replacing the trash bag. This video has gone viral, receiving almost 400,000 views, and leaving users staggered that they’ve been doing it so wrong for so long.

  • Painting tricky corners: (289.4K views)

    This DIY home ‘hack’ will make painting tricky corners and awkward angles in the staircase an easy job. By tucking the masking tape between the stairs, you can avoid getting paint on the carpet and save a lot of time cleaning afterward.


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