Jewelry. Flowers. Wine. A homemade card. A nice dinner. What do moms actually want for Mother’s Day? A new poll from Time 2 Play surveyed moms and asked them what they really want to receive. And it’s not all material items. A lot of moms just want a break. And while I’m not a mom, I can still relate to that! Another fun fact from the poll is how many days mom’s need to recharge. The average answer? 1.98 days. So basically a weekend away. Long enough to have a break but not miss the kids too much.

The most popular “gifts” include a nap, a meal they don’t have to cook and someone to do the cleaning. Read on the see what Carolina’s moms want for mother’s day and the most popular answers!


In April 2022 we surveyed 1,024 US moms with children still living at home. The average age of respondents was 36.4 years. 65.7% were employed full-time. 26.9% were stay-at-home moms.

  • North Carolina

    A meal they don’t cook. So make those lunch and dinner reservations for May 8th!

  • South Carolina

    SC Mom’s also answered a meal they can’t cook! Restaurants are going to be busy this Mother’s Day!

  • A Nap

    Moms in 18 states including Ohio just want a nap. Is that really too much to ask?

  • A Meal I Don’t have To Cook

    The second most popular answer won 18 states including both the Carolinas!

  • Help With Chores

    Coming in third taking 10 states is help with chores.

  • A Spa Visit

    I’m surprised this answer wasn’t more popular. Moms in 5 states including New York want some time at the spa.

  • Flowers

    While a go-to for many dads and kids only 4 states chose flowers as their ideal gift. Might be time to rethink that one!

  • A Greeting Card

    While a card is thoughtful, you probably need something else to go along with it! But if you’re in Missouri, that may be all your mom wants!

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