It can be tempting to update your home to the latest styles. You want to “keep up with the Jones” so to say. But the problem with some of these trends is a few years later and they can seem very dated. The early 2000’s Tuscan theme? The 2010’s granite countertops, dark cabinets, and hardwood floors. It was THE only thing anyone wanted on House Hunters! I hate to say it but IMO the Joanna Gaines farmhouse is going that way as well. Do I dare to use to word “cheugy”? So we can tell what isn’t one of the go-to home decor trends going into 2022, so what should you choose?

I’m going to preface this by saying if you like it and it makes you happy then who cares about anyone else’s opinion! But if you want to stay on top of trends, especially if you plan on selling in the near future, then read on.

 In 2021, like almost every year before that, we saw all kinds of trends emerge for renovation and decor. And I’m sure that in 2022, some of these will stick around but others will go by the wayside while new trends will cycle through. Review Home Warranties is always keeping track of trends in the home space in order to understand and serve homeowners better. So as 2021 wrapped they decided to look back at the year’s home trends and ask Americans to rate their favorites. And like any good survey, the ones they’d like to leave in the past. What will be the home decor and renovation trends for 2022? Read on to find out!


  • 2021 Home Renovation Trends Ranked

  • Here’s how they ranked from lowest to highest desirability:


    • Installing smart home technology (5.71 out of 10)
    • Closed concept floor plans (5.82 out of 10)
    • Turning guest bedrooms into home offices (7.54 out of 10)
    • Investing in large kitchens (7.84 out of 10)
    • Outdoor fire features (8.38 out of 10)

    I’m shocked that smart technology ranked as low as it did. Especially that it came in even less popular than closed concept floor plans. The rest of these I can understand however!

  • Home Decor Trends Ranked

  • Here are Americans’ least favorite current home decor trends:

    All of these scored under a 5 in the rankings, meaning people think they need to go!

    • Acrylic furniture (3.00 out of 10)
    • All-white interiors (3.50 out of 10)
    • Statement ceilings (3.89 out of 10)
    • Nautical motif (3.92 out of 10)
    • Statement wallpaper (4.51 out of 10)
    • Contrasting cabinets (4.65 out of 10)
    • Curved furniture (4.94 out of 10)

    Outside of statement wallpaper which I’m actually a fan of, and acrylic furniture (but I understand it’s impracticality) most of this list is unsurprising. Now some of the ones that ranked high I’m SHOCKED by.

  • Here are Americans’ most favorite current home decor trends:

    Like it or not it seems like these trends are here to stay for the immediate future.

    • Gray kitchen interiors (6.80 out of 10)
    • Oversized desks (6.79 out of 10)
    • Tuscan kitchens (6.45 out of 10)
    • Minimalism (6.15 out of 10)
    • Open kitchen shelving (5.48 out of 10)
    • Painted arches (5.41 out of 10)
    • Moss walls (5.13 out of 10)
    • Sliding barn doors (5.06 out of 10)

    Tuscan kitchens? What! I even talked about earlier how dated these seem. In fact, I wrote about the most expensive homes on the market currently and one of the main critiques I had of a lot of those homes was the Tuscan decor. It seems very dated to me. Trends now are lighter and less bulky. But maybe I’m just not ahead of the curve enough. 2000’s fashion is coming back so maybe decor is too.

    The other trends that had me saying “eh” were the painted arches and sliding barn doors. But the arches is reminiscent of the Tuscan style and I’m sure the barn doors are part of the farmhouse trends that are sticking around.

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