There is a lot to love in North Carolina from the beach to the mountains to everything in between. We’ve got popular tourist attractions like Biltmore Estate. There are theme parks like Carowinds, Tweetise Railroad, and Wet N Wild Emerald Pointe Water Park. Countless hotels for every budget. Major cities, small towns, chain restaurants, and local favorites. Professional and collegiate sports teams. You name it we probably have it in the state. Heck, we are even about to get a Bucees. So I’d say North Carolina ranks pretty normal when it comes to the US. But what about the abnormal? What are the strangest things you’ll find in North Carolina?

I’m so glad you asked. Because there has to be something in this state that makes you scratch your head and say “Who asked for that?”. And don’t worry there are. While this list isn’t all-encompassing it does serve to give you a little taste of another side of North Carolina you may not be familiar with.

Perhaps you’ll even discover a place you’d like to visit. The majority of these you can see for free so maybe add them to your to-do list this weekend. Enjoy 7 of the strangest things you’ll find in North Carolina. Have something you think should have been included on this list? Let us know! Stay weird North Carolina, stay weird.

  • The Museum of The Housecat

    I’m not a cat person, so perhaps I just don’t “get it”. But there is also something about these roadside house museums of collections that is always a little creepy to me. But if house cats are your thing perhaps you’d fancy a visit to the American Museum of The House Cat. You’ll find it in Sylva in western NC. According to the museum’s website, it is ” a one-of-a-kind educational, historical, multimedia art collection dedicated solely to the feline”

  • World's Largest Frying Pan

    The worst part about the world’s largest frying pan is that it is actually used. That’s where I draw the line. How large is it? It has a circumference of 45 feet, the handle is 6 feet. And if you tried to move it well it weighs two tons.


  • Land Of Oz

    Did you know North Carolina is home to a Wizard of Oz theme park? It’s called Land Of Oz and opens for three weekends each fall. The event features your favorite characters, a yellow brick road, photo opps, performances, and more. Learn more here and stay tuned for the 2024 dates to be announced!

  • Collettsville Cup House

    You probably think you have a lot of coffee mugs. From gifts to souvenirs to the actual nice set you probably purchased or had on your wedding registry. This house will make you feel better about yourself though. It’s a cabin that is completely covered in coffee mugs. Like more than 30,000 of them. According to a TripAdvisor review it’s not officially a tourist attraction but the owners of the home love showing it off to visitors!

  • Metal Head Sculpture

    I’ve lived in Charlotte for most of my life and I’ve still never seen this one. The sculpture of a metal head was created by Czech sculptor David Černý” and is located at Whitehall Technology Park.  It’s a 14-ton giant head made of rotating layers of stainless steel. And it’s something.

  • World's Largest Tire

    Bladenboro’s Hester Tire is home to the World’s Largest Tire that was used on a 797B Caterpillar dump truck. It’s 14 feet tall and weighs 10,400 pounds. The tire was manufactured by Michelin® and yes it is a real tire. Learn more here.

  • Concrete Legs

    I’d file this one under the creepy category as well. Who asked for giant concrete legs? Was it the town of Henderson where they are located?

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