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It’s Not Your Imagination Charlotte Really Is Left Off Of Major Concert Tours More Often Than Other Cities

I'll never forget the moment Taylor Swift announced her Eras Tour just over a year ago, and Charlotte was missing from the schedule. It shouldn't have been a surprise as she hadn't been here on her last tour the reputation Stadium Tour either. But I had heard that it was in the works, especially since David Tepper is all about bringing concerts to Bank of America Stadium. But it wasn't. She isn't the only major touring artist to skip Charlotte on their major concert tours either. Harry Styles, Eric Church avoided Charlotte for years, Morgan Wallen in 2023, Lady Gaga, and Lionel Richie are just some of the names that immediately come to mind. So if you've ever thought "Geez why does my favorite artist never come here" you're probably not alone. And you're also correct. Our friends Radical Storage conducted a study to see which cities really get excluded from the biggest tours. To do this they reviewed more than 700 concert dates from 21 of the biggest music artists to see which cities they visited this year, canceled, or plan to visit in 2024. These are the most streamed artists on Spotify who have embarked on a "world tour" since 2015. They compared this list with a list of the largest cities. And the data confirmed that Charlotte is disproportionately left out of concert world tours. Here's what Radical Storage found: Top 5 most overlooked world tour destinations in the U.S. Fort Worth, Texas (97.9% of world tours skipped this city since 2015) Jacksonville, Florida (87.2%) San Antonio, Texas (74.5%) Indianapolis, Indiana (66%) Charlotte, North Carolina (63.8%) On the other end of the spectrum, these were the cities that were seemingly always included: Top 5 most popular U.S. world tour destinations = 1. Chicago, Illinois (80.9% of world tours played at this city since 2015) = 1. Houston, Texas (80.9%) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (70.2%) Dallas, Texas (59.6%) New York City, New York (55.3%) There are seemingly new shows being announced daily in Charlotte. Gotta get those tickets on sale before the holidays! But even still Charlotte seems to miss out on some of the biggest concert tours around. Perhaps this changes soon? Taylor I need multiple Charlotte dates and none of this Ticketmaster "verified fan" crap (the worst thing to ever happen to ticket buying and it's not even close). You can read more on the Radical Storage study here. [select-listicle listicle_id="455158" syndication_name="most-popular-concerts-ticket-prices" description="yes"]