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6 Summer Music Festivals That Make A Great ‘Girls Trip’

The summer is just about here, so why not enjoy these six summer music festivals that make a great 'girls trip.' I have heard these phrases used by young people to express their love and zest for the summer. They are as follows: "hot-girl summer", "we outside" and "festival szn" (slang for season), just to name a few. And quite frankly, these have become commonly-used phrases for the Generation X crowd, too. That would be me! The younger generation isn't the only ones looking to have fun in the sun. My girlfriends and I have already started mapping out our entertainment plans for the summer. They include a host of concerts and all sorts of festivals across the country. And typically, most will feature some of our favorite musical acts. We have learned attending a festival is a great way to get more bang for your buck. Not only do we get to see some of our favorite musical artists, but many festivals include a variety of vendors who offer everything from self-care, inspiration, health, and wellness to fashion. And we can get all of this over a few days; it's not just a one-day deal. It's the perfect recipe for a great girls' getaway. From the legendary Essence Festival to newer festivals like Fool in Love Fest, here are some of this year's best music festivals to check out with your girlfriends, family, or partner. 6 Summer Music Festivals for a Girls Trip

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