Jadesha Hair of MissToo Made It [Photo creds: Brandon Scott]

Sometimes what starts as a small idea can turn into a major dream! That’s what happened to one Winthrop University graduate. Jadesha Hair of Charleston, South Carolina graduated from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Growing up, she always loved to personalize her items. After customizing her own items for years, Hair decided to start her own business, MissToo Made It. “My sophomore year of college in 2019 at Winthrop University I started my business in Courtyard Residence Hall with just $600 borrowed from my parents which I used to buy a Cricut cutting machine and a heat press from Amazon,” said Hair.

Her Story

MissToo Made It started as a small business within her dorm room walls in which she would begin with monogram decals and custom shirts for people. “From there my line sisters started asking for paraphernalia so I made a few custom individual orders and group orders in which it started to quickly grow,” said Hair. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, and began to find her niche. After customizing things for her line sisters, Hair became an official vendor for her own sorority. Now, she holds vendor licenses for 8 out of the Divine 9 organizations. Then, Hair noticed how much her business had been growing and finally decided to open the doors for her own storefront.

“I started this business thinking I would just be monogramming items and making custom shirts for people. I didn’t see it as anything more,” said Hair. Now, MissToo Made It storefront is one of the only Greek paraphernalia stores in the Rock Hill area. With Winthrop University right around the corner, she hopes to continue to serve the area that helped her start it all. “A little over 3 years later I secured a store front location in Rock Hill, SC 10 mins away from the exact residence hall MissToo Made It started in,” said Hair.

Hair hopes to continue to watch her business grow. She wants to continue to grow its social media presence, presence within fraternities, and the store overall. If you’re looking for a Greek paraphernilia store in the area, head down to Rock Hill and check out MissToo Made It.