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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 08: In this photo illustration, products containing high sugar levels are on display at a supermarket on April 8, 2016 in Melbourne , Australia. The World Health Organisation's first global report on diabetes found that 422 million adults live with diabetes, mainly in developing countries. Australian diabetes experts are urging the Federal Government to consider imposing a sugar tax to tackle the growing problem. (Photo by Luis Ascui/Getty Images)

Oh my goodness. I would watch this at my aunt’s all the time. In the ’60s, some genius decided to combine a game show with grocery shopping. This combination turned into Supermarket Sweep. It’s a game show where contestants answer trivia questions and run around a grocery store collecting high-priced items. People loved it!

The show was resurrected from 1990-1995 and then again from 2000-2003. Netflix is giving us one season of the show (15 episodes) from 1993. The episodes are only around 20 minutes long, so this will be a good weekend binge-watch. Don’t forget to go to the grocery store for snacks first.

A new, rebooted version, hosted by SNL’s Leslie Jones, was set to begin filming in spring 2020 but has undoubtedly been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic is definitely causing a ruckus in our lives so it’s good that something comforting is around. Supermarket Sweep is going to be nostalgic for many folks. If your memory is failing you, here’s an old clip of the show.

Going crazy on the Supermarket floor for the big sweep | Supermarket Sweep

The only grocery store to give YOU money is back and airing on the Buzzr Channel! Find out when to watch here: CLICK SUBSCRIBE BEFORE YOU GO

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