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BEWARE! Jellyfish Attacks NC And SC Beaches

The National Weather Service issued a warning for anyone at the Carolina coast because of jellyfish attacks. The sea creatures are stinging swimmers and forcing hundreds off the beach.There have been hundreds of reports of stings from both jellyfish and the Portuguese man-of-war, which look very similar to jellyfish but inflict a much more painful…

Man Arrested For Taunting A Bison [Video]

Check out this viral video of a man harassing a bison at Yellowstone National Park went viral— and after a disturbance at another national park more than 300 miles away — rangers arrested him. It was the man’s fourth run-in with park officers in less than one week. On Tuesday, the man, identified by the authorities…

DMV Arrest A Man For Taking Driving Test With Drugs In Car

A Maryland man was arrested after a gun, marijuana and $15,000 in cash were found in the car that he used to take his drivers test. Reginald Wooding Jr., 22, was next in line to take his driver’s test when an examiner told a trooper she thought she smelled marijuana coming from the car. The…

Emergency On Lake Norman

Emergency crews pulled dozens of members from a sailing class to safety after their boats overturned on Lake Norman. Huntersville Fire DEPT,  said that several boats were overturned during Wednesday evening's storms, tossing people into the water.