The discussion of Charlotte or Raleigh can bring out some intense emotions. There are definitely people who have a sort of rivalry feeling about the other city. I’ve personally called both “home” throughout the years. And while I currently live in the Queen City I still have a lot of love for my second home. So when I came across this video from travel blogger 601 Travels I was intrigued.  The blog has just over 22 thousand subscribers and apparently, they must have visited the Raleigh area at some point. So they made this video list of 10 reasons you should not move to Raleigh, North Carolina.

And just like Charlotte, there are tons of people who aren’t deterred by these reasons. Maybe they just haven’t seen this video? Well if not, I’m going to share it.  I definitely don’t agree with everything they have to say. In fact, I think some of their reasons are a little ridiculous. I mean I haven’t lived in Raleigh in almost 10 years (how has it been that long?). But I still visit around 10 weekends a year so I think I have a good grasp on the area.

Whether or not you choose to move to Raleigh doesn’t impact me. But as always if you’re planning to relocate it’s important to do your research and make the best decision for you. So in order to do that keep in mind these 10 reasons to never move to Raleigh, NC.

  • 10. Lack of Scenery

    I mean it’s not the Blue Ridge Mountains or the beach. But there are plenty of places and parks to enjoy the outdoors. Some of my favorites are Umstead Park and Jordan Lake.

  • 9. Allergies

    I mean yes, if you are not from this area you will be in for a rude awakening upon the pollenating. I know several people who never had allergies until they moved to the North Carolina piedmont.

  • 8. Lack Of Entertainment

    Raleigh isn’t as large as Charlotte so there aren’t as many activities but that doesn’t mean there isn’t stuff to do. She notes a lot of touring acts skip the city, but I’ve found that isn’t really the case. In fact, some huge shows sometimes just go to Raleigh and not Charlotte or Greensboro.

  • 7. No Major Sports Teams

    This lets me know right off the bat that this blogger didn’t do her research. She says there are no major sports teams but Raleigh is home to the Carolina Hurricanes, the only professional NC sports team to actually won a major championship. And she mentions college sports like it’s a bad thing. As a die-hard college sports fan, you can’t ask for a better location. She also states that college sports are all people talk about that, and well I might be guilty of that one!

  • 6. Weather/Hurricanes

    Now she mentions hurricanes. And while Raleigh is closer to the coast and does get more hurricane activity than Charlotte, it’s still not a huge issue. Yes, I did sit through a football game during Hurricane Matthew in Raleigh a few years ago. Raleigh gets a lot of rain and wind from storms but it’s not like you need specific hurricane coverage on your insurance policy.

  • 5. Pronunciation of Raleigh

    I mean it’s not that hard? We’re grasping at straws here. I’ve never once met someone who debated how the city’s name is pronounced.

  • 4. Need For A Car

    Yes, Raleigh is lacking when it comes to public transportation. And it’s pretty much impossible to find a place to live you won’t need some sort of a car. Even when I was in college there I had a car for 3 of 4 years and relied on friends the one year I didn’t.

  • 3. Bad For Singles

    Is there a good city for singles? If so I’m packing up and moving there.

  • 2. Taxes

    Apparently, North Carolina has higher taxes than other states.

  • 1. Expensive

    She notes while it’s expensive to live there (isn’t it everywhere these days?), your money is worth it as it’s safer than other cities.

  • Watch the Video Here

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