Ever been to the Holy City? Charleston is not too far of a drive from Charlotte, so many spend summers and other vacation times there. Or maybe you have a family in the area like me. Well, one travel blogger is spilling her guts out about why you shouldn’t want to live in Charleston. Yeah, you read that right! Travel bloggers are fun, but do they really know the facts about these different places?

I was born and raised in Charleston and will forever call it home. But, this travel blogger shares her reasoning on why you should not move there. Although many of her reasons are valid such as the housing market, Charleston is still a growing city. Maybe the new residents have not seen this video or maybe her issues they weren’t worried about. Either way, she is sharing with us her top 10 reasons why you should not move to Charleston. So, if you are thinking about moving to Charleston or maybe just interested, check out these 10 reasons why a travel blogger says you shouldn’t move to Charleston.

  • 10. The Housing Market

    The average cost for a home in Charleston is nearly $400,000 and continuously growing. The closer to the city and beaches you are, then the more you will have to pay.

  • 9. Traffic

    Maybe a little, but I don’t think it is as bad as you think depending on the area you live in.

  • 8. Hot Sauce

    She says putting hot sauce on everything is a negative? Hmm, guess depends on who you’re asking!

  • 7. Construction

    Okay, yes tons of construction but that just means newer things are on the way right?

  • 6. Ghosts

    The Holy City is certainly a haunted city as well. BEWARE!

  • 5. Crime

    Seriously? I think we can find cities with a much worse crime rate.

  • 4. Coke What?

    Sweet Tea may be the unofficial drink, but you can get a coke or any other soda anywhere you go.

  • 3. Cost of Living

    Okay, I can agree. The cost of living is expensive and the average income for residents is not that high. Finding a place and living closer to the beaches and cities certainly requires a good amount of income.

  • 2. Huge Bugs

    Whew, very true! Well, that is just what comes with living in the South and close to water.

  • 1. Hurricanes

    Yes, Charleston is off of the water but major hurricanes is not as frequently as she makes it seem. Yes, Charleston may get them or the effects of one nearby but that is with any coastal city.