Now some experts are here to clue folks in on things they probably should know.

Someone posed the question on Reddit, “People who work in the airline industry, what are some things you think everyone should know about flying?” and folks were glad to chime in with interesting, and sometimes helpful tidbits.

Responses include:

Source: BuzzFeed

Carry-on and checked baggage can get expensive, but one woman on Tik Tok has found a hack for how to carry on more luggage, without having to pay those extra fees, and it’s all thanks to a neck pillow.

Carry-on luggage used to be included in traveling on airplanes, but many airlines will now offer cheaper tickets if you forgo certain luggage; this has caused many people to get creative with how they pack for their trips. I’ve seen some creative packing hacks but this one takes the cake!

  • Former Pilot Here

    Turbulence will break your nose or your neck before it knocks the plane out of the sky. Buckle up when the light is on and take comfort in the fact that turbulence hasn’t crashed a plane since the 1970s.

  • Both Pilots Are Equally Qualified

    The captain just has more responsibility and more experience (usually). We trade off who is flying and who is monitoring the radios every other flight (sometimes every two flights).

  • There Is Very Little We Can Actually Do To 'Make-Up Time

    The longer the flight, the more we can do, but still, we’re talking 5-10 minutes, not an hour.

  • There Are No Parachutes On Commercial Flights, So Please Stop Asking.

    Parachutes require training on how to use. Accidents rarely happen mid-air. Therefore, having them wouldn’t make sense/be practical.

  • Interfering With The Air Crew Is A Felony

    If you have grievances, you can address them with the airline after you disembark.

  • We Fly With Broken Sh*T On The Airplane All The Time

    We have a list that tells us what can be broken and still be able to fly safely and legally.

  • Your Tastebuds Are Reduced By 30-60% On Flights

    So more salt and seasoning are added to the food so it doesn’t seem bland. Might also be the reason so many people crave tomato juice or bloody mary mix ONLY on planes.

  • Every Bag Gets Thrown

    The sorting system isn’t soft. Containers get filled by thrown bags. Get a good bag and stop worrying.

  • Do Not Wear A Butt Plug During Your Flight

    I’ve seen some “unfortunate things” happen due to that.