There is no shortage of gorgeous college and University Campuses in the United States. Many look straight out of a movie, in fact, some have had movies filmed there. And if someone were to ask you which you think is the most beautiful you may very well be biased. I know I would be. What makes a campus pretty? Greenspace, architecture,  history, and a gorgeous setting, all these are factors that impact beauty. So, bias aside which are the most stunning college campuses in the United States? Our friends over at USA By The Numbers compiled a list of what they feel fit that bill. And they included one North Carolina university as one of the most beautiful college campuses.

The North Carolina institution is the 5th ranked University on this list of most beautiful college campuses.l It’s well known for its basketball team, is located in the Triangle area of North Carolina, and features a shade of blue as its color. Think you know? It’s also an extremely difficult school to get accepted to, as are all of the schools on this list. It’s the only one in the top 5 not in the Northeast as well. I’ve walked through what this author considers the most beautiful, and while yes it’s pretty and charming, I’m not sure I’d put it straight to the top. You can read the full list of 17 schools USA By The Numbers included here. Or keep reading to see the top 5.

  • 1. Harvard University

    Nestled just across the river from Boston in Cambridge Massachusettes is Harvard University. I’ve actually been to Harvard and strolled the campus. It’s well known for its historic Harvard Yard. But like every other school on this list. You won’t just randomly be accepted. You have to be pretty damn smart, to get into Harvard. Although I guess you could say “what like it’s hard”.

    Another thing that USA By The Numbers, mentioned, and that I must see, is that Annenberg Hall is the closest thing on this continent to the Hogwarts Great Hall.

  • 2. Columbia Univeristy

    New York’s Columbia University takes the title of the second most beautiful college campus. Its rich history dates back prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. You have to be old to have that much space in New York City. The Roman architecture is picturesque, and numerous monuments grace the campus.

  • 3. NYU

    Known for its famed George Square Park, New York University, or NYU for short is located around Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village Manhattan. You may recognize images of NYU from the original Gossip Girl Series.

  • 4. Georgetown University

    You may recognize Georgetown’s iconic clock tower, from this private University in Washington, DC. It’s located in the quaint neighborhood of DC with the same name. I haven’t ventured over to the university, but I absolutely adore the Georgetown neighborhood. It makes you forget that you’re in a major city. with a quaint feel. Some of the most beautiful buildings include Gaston Hall and Dahlgren Chapel.

  • 5. Duke University

    Of course, the North Carolina University that’s featured on this list is Duke University. The Durham North Carolina campus is instantly recognizable by the famed Duke Chapel. It sets the tone for this gorgeous gothic-style campus. There are also the Sarah P. Dukes Gardens. Even I who only cheers for Duke when they play one other NC school, can admit it’s deserving of being on this list.

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