I just returned from 5 days at Walt Disney World as a media guest for their Disney Dreamers Academy. This incredible program invites youth from across the country to a conference all about helping them reach their career goals and aspirations. I was in awe of these students and know they will go on to accomplish great things. More to come in the following days about this program. But for now, while I wallow in self-pity that I am no longer on a work-cation I’m going to tell you about the newest rides in Walt Disney World. The last time I visited was in March 0f 209 and there have been several rides that have opened since that time frame.

For these rankings, I’m including 7 rides that I personally had never ridden before this trip. They are the newest rides at Walt Disney World and are scattered between three parks. The rides included are as follows:

Magic Kingdom

  • TRON Lightcycle Run


  • Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind
  • Frozen Ever After
  • Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Hollywood Studios

  • Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway
  • Rise of The Resistance
  • Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run

I realize Frozen Ever After has been open since before my last trip, but the last time I had been at Epcot it wasn’t open. In fact, the movie wasn’t even out. Overall each of these seven rides were extremely well done and worth a ride for anyone visiting. But if you need to prioritize or just care about my somewhat controversial opinions then keep reading! I also want to say that I have zero emotional attachment to any of the movies or franchises represented in these attractions. So my opinions are based solely on the ride itself as an “outsider” of sorts. Disagree? Let me know your thoughts on social media!

  • 7. Millenium Falcon Smuggler's Run

    While all 7 of these rides were enjoyable one had to come in 7th. I’ll mention this again but when it comes to Star Wars, my knowledge is very limited. I’ve probably seen one and a half of the movies ever and outside of a few classic characters I don’t really know anything. This ride gives you the chance to fly in the Millenium Falcon. It’s a simulator ride but has an element of rider control as well.  If you are chosen to be the pilot on this ride (2 riders are) and/or have an emotional attachment to the franchise as millions of people do, you’ll probably rank it higher.

  • 6. Remy's Ratatouille Adventure

    Remy’s was a very cute trackless dark ride where you are shrunk to the size of a rat and take an adventure around Remy’s restaurant. This attraction is in 3D includes so immersive special effects including water and smells piped in. Your kids are sure to love it and it’s a great edition to Epcot for families and those who prefer rides.

  • 5. Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway

    Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway is a cute and fun dark ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It had me laughing and has some thrills yet remains family-friendly.

  • 4. Rise of The Resistance

    I’m sure this is controversial. Rise of the Resistance has been hyped up by everyone I know who has been to Disney since it opened. And don’t get me wrong it was fun. I’m sure as someone who understands the storylines it’s more immersive. But to me, this ride was just overhyped to a point where it didn’t live up to what I expected. In all honesty, it probably couldn’t live up to what I expected. It was fun the stormtroopers are a sight to be seen, and the drop part was thrilling. But would I wait in a multi-hour line or pay $20 for a lightning lane pass again? Honestly probably not. If you love Star Wars though, I’m sure you’ll be in the very large majority who consider this Disney’s best ride.

  • 3. Frozen Ever After

    If you weren’t mad at me for putting Rise of the Resistance 4th, you probably are knowing I ranked Frozen Ever After ahead of it. But this ride pleasantly caught me by surprise. I’d been on its predecessor Malstrom, and the ride uses the same track, it’s just rethemed to the massive film Frozen. I wouldn’t even say I’m that much of a fan of the film, though I have seen it two or three times. This ride was adorable though. It’s a classic Disney boat ride, but has a backward section, two drops, and tells the story wonderfully. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. The main difference for me between why this is 3rd and Rise of the Resistance is 4th is expectations. Rise didn’t meet mine while Frozen exceeded them.

  • 2. TRON Lightcycle Run

    While Tron hasn’t officially opened yet in Magic Kingdom I was able to ride this attraction twice during my trip. It’s a thrilling roller coaster where you are seated (but almost laying down) on a motorbike. The outdoor section was incredible and it goes so fast my eyes were watering. I would love to ride this at night when the canopy is lit up. My one complaint? I wish it was longer!

  • 1. Guardians of The Galaxy Cosmic Rewind

    Before this trip I fully expected Tron to be my favorite of the new coasters. But Guardians of the Galaxy takes the crown for the best new ride in Walt Disney World. And this is purely on a ride basis as I have never watched one Marvel movie. This coaster is unlike anything I’ve ever ridden as the cars spin to let you see scenes on the story coaster. It’s thrilling, in the dark, and such a smooth ride. I was worried about the spinning, and while I couldn’t ride it back to back to back it didn’t bother me or make me sick. Hands down recommend finding a way to ride this one!

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