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Many in our community, people are already iffy about going to the doctor whenever they don’t feel well.  They surely don’t want to go to the doctor to get checked for STDs.  Innerbody Research did a study of the STD rates on a city by city basis and came up with the top 100 cities that have the highest STD rates.

Unfortunately for us, multiple cities in the Carolinas made this list of cities with the highest STD rates in America. STDs are sexually transmitted diseases and should be taken seriously. This is the 6th annual study done by Innerbody Research. Can you believe multiple Carolina cities made the top 25? Not only that, but Charlotte is quite high up on the list. If you ain’t got checked in a while, then maybe you should start taking better care of yourself.

Here’s a list of cities in the Carolinas that made the top 25 on InnerBody’s list. Check out the full list here.

  • 25. Greenville, South Carolina

    Coming in at #25 is one of South Carolina’s favorites, Greenville. 

    • STD Cases/100k Population: 914
    • HIV Cases: 92
    • Chlamydia Cases: 7,122
    • Gonorrhea Cases: 3,782
    • Syphilis Cases: 410
  • 14. Charleston, South Carolina

    Coming in at No. 14 is everyone’s favorite South Carolina destination, Charleston.

    • STD Cases/100k Population: 1,011
    • HIV Cases: 138
    • Chlamydia Cases: 6,022
    • Gonorrhea Cases: 2,731
    • Syphilis Cases: 317
  • 13. Charlotte, North Carolina

    Ranked at No. 13, is our very own home of Charlotte.

    • STD Cases/100k Population: 1,012
    • HIV Cases: 246
    • Chlamydia Cases: 15,784
    • Gonorrhea Cases: 6,778
    • Syphilis Cases: 771
  • 12. Greensboro, North Carolina

    Coming in at #12 is Greensboro, North Carolina

    • STD Cases/100k Population: 1,012
    • HIV Cases: 246
    • Chlamydia Cases: 10,175
    • Gonorrhea Cases: 4,869
    • Syphilis Cases: 340
  • 3. Columbia, South Carolina

    VERY high up on the list is the South Carolina city of Columbia.

    • STD Cases/100k Population: 1,350
    • HIV Cases: 48
    • Chlamydia Cases: 8,068
    • Gonorrhea Cases: 3,700
    • Syphilis Cases: 275


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