Today, January 10th is National House Plant day. What’s a better way to bring some cheer into your new year than with a new plant. According to having a plant around “reminds us that we don’t have to lose the freshness and vibrancy that plants bring to our homes just because the holidays have drawn to a close.”

House plants have many benefits. Having a plant around converts carbon dioxide into oxygen which improves the air quality in your home. Plants also create humidity by releasing moisture into the air.  Many are easy to care for and require little to no effort. I have an orchid (actually tw0) for my first and only house plant and they don’t require much care. But there are many other plants you can get the benefits from but you won’t have to stress over.

These are 10 house plants you can grow without a green thumb.

  • Lady Palms

    I love the aesthetic of palms and this one can brighten the mood of your space. Make sure you have a good place to put it as the palm can grow up to 6 feet indoors. It needs partial sun.

    Lady Palm

  • String of Pearls

    The string of pearls is an easy-to-care-for succulent. They thrive in bright, but indirect sunlight and just need to be watered once every two weeks.

  • Philodendron

    The name comes from Greek and means “love tree”. Excuse me while I go buy one of these!  And this is about as low maintenance as it comes, they can survive without much light and only rarely need to be watered. 



  • Phalaenopsis Orchids

    One of the orchids I have came with instructions to just add ice. While I, under the direction of my expert father, also added a tray with gravel to increase the humidity, it doesn’t need it. You do have to be careful to avoid the direct sunlight but other than that they should come back year after year. Plus the blooms are gorgeous!


  • Snake Plant


    Snake plants are extremely low maintenance. They can grow just about anywhere and only need to be watered when the soil is completely dry. They also give off a sleek modern vibe that can accent your decor.

    Snake Plant

  • Dieffenbachia

    Dieffenbachia is one of the most common kinds of house plants. And its most common issue is with being overwatered. So if forgetfulness is something you struggle with this may be the plant for you. 


  • Pothos

    Nicknamed “the devil’s ivy” Pothos is practically un-killable. So if your thumb is more black than green you know what to buy.


  • Jade Plant

    Jade Plants retain water in their round leaves. As a result, they can survive more than a month without any care. 

    Jade Plant

  • Air Plant

    It doesn’t even need dirt. Say no more. Just dunk them in water for a couple of hours about every week.

    Air Plant

  • Spider Plant

    If you want to buy one plant but get more this is a great option. Spider plants have fast-growing shoots that produce little “babies” that you can re-pot easily.  They do need good light and weekly water. 

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