We are deep in summer in the Carolinas. Whether the temperature is pushing 100 (the high today is 95) or we are dealing with the humidity from a summer storm, it’s going to hot and sweaty. That’s just July and August in the south. But who knew it really is that bad. Charlotte, aka the Queen City, is taking home another honor-this time it is being included on the list of the sweatiest cities in the country. Is that an honor? Who knows, but it’s validation for when I complain about the humidity.

Where did this list come from? Well, our friends at mydatingadvisor.com put together the list of the sweatiest cities in the country, among the top 200 largest metro areas. Charlotte came in as the sweatiest city in North Carolina, with Fayetteville taking second in the state. In fact, it was our sister station in Fayetteville that alerted me to this highest of accomplishments.

So what is it that makes a city the sweatiest in the country? Well, a lot of things were taken into account in the study. A common theme in most of the top cities, however, is that they are mostly in high humidity areas. Aka the south. Makes perfect sense.

The study measured things like average summer temperatures, how long the summer season lasts, relative humidity, days above 90 degrees, exercise rates, population density, and a lot more.

“In order to determine the sweatiest cities in the nation, MyDatingAdviser.com compared 200 of the largest metro areas across three key dimensions: 1) Weather, 2) Sweat Factors and 3) Cooling Off. We evaluated each of those dimensions using 12 relevant metrics of perspiration friendliness.”

So here’s a look at where Charlotte falls among the sweatiest cities in the country and in North Carolina.