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Some dog breeds can be a little more destructive than others. It’s not their fault…they were born this way. In addition to providing a furry best friend, a dog can also provide security. A lot of people feel more comfortable having a dog (or more) with them at home. However, some dogs can cause more harm than good.

Confused.com has compiled a list of the best dogs for keeping your home safe and affordable home insurance. These dogs may cause more damage around your house than any other dog breed. Check to see who’s been a good boy or girl, and who needs a little more time at doggy daycare. You can see more on the full study here.

  • Pointers and Clothes

    Pointers love getting involved with your washing. Because of their heritage, they’re designed to rummage in the undergrowth to find the spoils from a hunt. As far as they’re concerned, a pile of freshly washed clothes offers just the same opportunity.

  • Cavapoos with Furniture, Shoes

    Small, fluffy, and very playful – It’s cavapoos’ excitable nature that makes them a hazard to a household furniture. Expect to see them zooming around your living room, tracking muddy footprints across anything that gets in their path. Exercise and lots of fuss are a good cure to this troublesome problem. This breed isn’t the only kind of dog that loves playing with shoes, but they can be the trickiest to deal with. They love playing with people, so any attempt to try and remove the shoe from their mouths might just be seen as you join in on their fun.

  • Bernese with Doors

  • Rottweiler with Paper and Wire

  • Great Dane with Sofa

    The dogs that cause the most damage to your home

  • Labradoodle with Towel

  • Springer Spaniel with Carpet and Glass

  • The Most Obedient Dogs

    The top 10 most obedient dogs




    Border Collie




    German Shepherd


    Golden Retriever


    Doberman Pinscher


    Shetland Sheepdog


    Labrador Retriever






    Australian Cattle Dog

  • The Best Guard Dogs

    The Best Guard Dogs

  • The Biggest Deterrents for Burglars

    The Biggest Deterrents for Burglars

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