CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA - DECEMBER 12: Carolina Panthers team owner David Tepper looks on looks on during warm ups prior to the game against the Atlanta Falcons at Bank of America Stadium on December 12, 2021 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

David Tepper has been a topic of conversation in the Carolinas since the day he expressed interest in purchasing the Panthers. And honestly, most of it hasn’t been good. Fans hate most of the decisions that have been made under his leadership of the team including firing Ron Rivera, hiring Matt Rhule, the quarterback debacle of the last few years, and many others. There also is the absolute disaster involving the team’s headquarters that was supposed to be built in Rock Hill, SC. So far that project has come to a dramatic fault. But how has that multi-billion dollar investment paid off for Tepper? Well, a study by ranked the investors based on their impact on the team’s performances and finances. And, well David Tepper’s investment has him ranked near the bottom of NFL Owners.

David Tepper, became the NFL’s richest investor when he took over the Carolina Panthers back in 2018. He also recently made headlines after being named the 103rd richest person in the world. But even money can’t guarantee success I guess. But David Tepper is also one of the worst NFL investors, at least according to reviewed each team to reveal the greatest NFL takeovers. They looked at the investors who gained the most through buying a club, as well which teams have notched the most wins following the change in ownership, and of course the teams whose value has increased from the initial purchase price.

So who are the NFL’s greatest investors?

It’s not a shock that New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft sit on top of the pedestal as the NFL’s greatest investors. He purchased the Patriots in 1994 for $172 million. Not a bad price to pay considering the current value sits at $5 billion. This is due to the teams win percentage since 1994- 68.8% oh and 7 of those wins were AFC Championships. The team brings in as much as Kraft paid for them on a yearly basis.

Below is an index score of the current greatest investors in the NFL:

  • 1. New England Patriots

    Owner: Robert Kraft

    Investor Index Score: 82.1

    Robert Kraft

  • 2. Los Angeles Rams

    Owner: Stan Kroenke

    Investor Index Score: 65.1

    Stan Kroenke


  • 3. Dallas Cowboys

    Owner: Jerry Jones

    Investor Index Score: 54.0

    Jerry Jones

  • 4. Seattle Seahawks

    Owner: Paul G. Allen Trust

    Investor Index Score: 50.3

    Paul G. Allen

  • 5. Baltimore Ravens

    Owner: Steve Bisciotti

    Investment Index Score: 50.0

    Steve Bisciotti

  • 6. Denver Broncos

    Owner: Pat Bowlen Trust

    Investor Index Score: 48.8

    Pat Bowlen Trust

  • 7. San Francisco 49ers

    Owner: Denise & Jed York

    Investor Index Score: 46.9

    Denise & Jed York

  • 8. Philadelphia Eagles

    Owner: Jeffrey Lurie

    Investor Index Score: 44.7

    Jeffrey Lurie

  • 9. New York Giants

    Owner: John Mara & Steve Tisch

    Investor Index Score: 41.8

    John Mara & Steve Tisch

  • 10. Minnesota Vikings

    Owner: Zygmunt Wilf

    Investor Index Score: 40.9

    Zygmunt Wilf

  • 11. Atlanta Falcons

    Owner: Arthur Blank

    Investor Index Score: 38.0

    Arthur Blank

  • 12. Las Vegas Raiders

    Owner: Mark Davis

    Investor Index Score: 36.5

    Mark Davis

  • 13. Buffalo Bills

    Owner: Kim & Terry Pegula

    Investor Index Score: 35.9

    Kim & Terry Pegula

  • 14. Green Bay Packers

    Owner: Green Bay Packers, Inc.

    Investor Index Score: 35.4

    Green Bay Packers, Inc.

  • 15. New Orleans Saints

    Owner: Gayle Benson

    Investor Index Score: 34.8

    Gayle Benson

  • 16. Chicago Bears

    Owner: McCaskey Family

    Investor Index Score: 32.7

    McCaskey Family

  • 17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Owner: Glazer Family

    Investor Index Score: 32.3

    Glazer Family

  • 18. Houston Texans

    Owner: Janice McNair

    Investor Index Score: 32.0

    Janice McNair

  • 19. Miami Dolphins

    Owner: Stephen M. Ross

    Investor Index Score: 31.5

    Stephen M. Ross

  • 20. Pittsburgh Steelers

    Owner: Rooney Family

    Investor Index Score: 31.3

    Rooney Family

  • 21. Kansas City Chiefs

    Owner: Lamar Hunt Family

    Investor Index Score: 31.2

    Lamar Hunt Family

  • 22. Washington Commanders

    Owner: Daniel Snyder

    Investor Index Score: 29.3

    Daniel Snyder

  • 23. New York Jets

    Owner: Johnson Family

    Investor Index Score: 28.7

    Johnson Family

  • 24. Indianapolis Colts

    Owner: James Irsay

    Investor Index Score: 28.1

    James Irsay

  • 25. Los Angeles Chargers

    Owner: Dean Spanos

    Investor Index Score: 26.4

    Dean Spanos

  • 26. Tennessee Titans

    Owner: Amy Adams Strunk

    Investor Index Score: 24.4

    Amy Adams Strunk

  • 27. Cincinnati Bengals

    Owner: Michael Brown

    Investor Index Score: 22.6

    Michael Brown

  • 28. Jacksonville Jaguars

    Owner: Shahid Khan

    Investor Index Score: 21.5

    Shahid Khan

  • Carolina Panthers

    Owner: David Tepper

    Investor Index Score: 19.4

    David Tepper

  • Cleveland Browns

    Owner: Jimmy & Dee Haslam

    Investor Index Score: 19.0

    Jimmy & Dee Haslam

  • Detroit Lions

    Owner: William Clay Ford Family

    Investor Index Score: 14.1

    William Clay Ford Family

  • 32. Arizona Cardinals

    Owner: Michael Bidwill

    Investor Index Score: 13.3

    Michael Bidwill

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