The Thanksgiving holiday is nearing. Some are ready for the hustle and bustle of cooking in the kitchen. While others aren’t so anxious to ‘slave’ over a hot stove. Luckily for the later, quite a few places plan to serve a Thanksgiving meal for takeout.

According to a report from WCCB-Charlotte, the average cost of a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal is up by 10%. That’s compared to a slight increase (6%) in take-out Thanksgiving meals. The real consideration is the amount a Thanksgiving meal will cost you.

The Farm Bureau reports prices for Thanksgiving meals between 2020 and 2021 jumped about 14%. And that the average meal for 10 people costing a little more than $53. Market analysis have predicted that costs will be even higher for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner items.

Which begs the question – ‘Which is more cost-effective this Thanksgiving — purchase all the fixin’s and cook at home or get a Thanksgiving takeout order? Here are some restaurants that will offer a full Thanksgiving meal with all the fixin’s that you can order as takeout.

(Credit: WCCB-Charlotte)