I say woof! Are you ready to move somewhere new with your pet? MyBaggage analyzed cities worldwide to determine the most pet-friendly cities for travelers in 2022 or those wishing to relocate permanently with their four-legged friends. Our pets are an important part of the family, so we want them to be as happy as we are in our new home.

In the United States, these are the top 10 most pet-friendly cities to relocate to in 2022. A number of factors were considered in the study that all contribute to a city being pet-friendly, including the number of vets, number of pet stores, number of pet-friendly restaurants, average annual costs of owning a dog, number of pet-friendly hotels, and the difficulty to get the animal into the country. These are 10 of the most pet-friend cities to relocate to in 2022 ranked highest to lowest below.

  • 10. Queens, New York, US

    Dogs are welcome in Queens. You can take your pup to many different places and yes, you can treat him/her like the Queen they are!

  • 9. Brooklyn, New York, US

    Dogs are welcome in Brooklyn. You can take your pup to many different places, from boutique hotels to scenic runs.

  • 8. San Antonio, Texas, US

    It is pet-friendly in San Antonio, and there are many pet-friendly hotels, dog-friendly activities, and restaurants that you can enjoy with your pet.

  • 7. Philadelphia, PA, US

    There is brotherly love in this city…and puppy love too. Philadelphia is a dog lover’s paradise with dog parks, pet-friendly hotels, and restaurants that cater to you and your pet.

  • 6. Manhattan, NY, US

    Do you want the see the big city lights and break in your walking shoes? New York is a walking city, which makes it a great place for humans and dogs to get plenty of exercises.

  • 5. Chicago, IL, US

    Take your dog on a weekend getaway to Chicago, the third-largest city in the U.S. Chicago offers a lot for dog lovers during the summer, including walks on the beach and dining alfresco at Navy Pier.

  • 4. Phoenix, AZ, US

    Is your pet comfortable in the heat? Phoenix has dozens of parks where you can walk your dog on a leash and plenty of off-leash dog parks. Leash-free walks are great at Tempe Beach Park.

  • 3. Houston, Texas, US

    Houston ranked third in the United States, represents the south. From bars and restaurants to shows and baseball games, Houston’s diversity for pet-friendly events is unmatched. With 295 pet-friendly hotels in the city, your friends and their companions can visit you with ease!

  • 2. New York City, NY, US

    With a score of 515, New York City takes second place in the best US states for pets. It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking a stroll in pet-friendly Central Park or browsing one of the 98 pet stores, the city that never sleeps is full of things for you and your pets to do.

  • 1. Los Angeles, CA, US

    In our study, the city of Sacramento takes the top spot with a score of 524, thanks to its abundance of pet stores, dog parks, and pet-friendly restaurants. There are countless things you can do together in LA, from strolling along the golden sands to sipping a coffee in the sunshine.