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Ever thought about the number of food chains that we have right here in North Carolina? I know I will pass a spot and see another location a block down the road. North Carolina has tons of food chains that take over every block around just for you to enjoy.

From Bojangles to McDonald’s to Subway, there are so many popular chains in North Carolina. Scrape Hero has compiled data to determine the largest food chains in North Carolina based on locations. The top 3 locations make up a little over 50% of the top 10 food chains in North Carolina. How insane does that sound, right? See what are the top food chains in North Carolina and maybe try out some new spots if you have never been. Which I highly doubt!

  • 10. Chick-Fil-A

    Chick-Fil-A is almost everyone’s favorite fast food spot. If it is not your favorite, then you probably still do enjoy it quite often. They have 186 locations that are in 79 cities throughout the state. If you have never been to a Chick-Fil-A in the Carolinas, then I am not sure you are even human because huh?!

  • 9. Hardee's

    Hardee’s is another popular fast food spot in North Carolina. Hardee’s may not be my most favorite spot, but I can certainly say they are pretty good. Those milkshakes are top tier! I might need to go get one again, because it has been quite some time. Hardee’s has 222 locations in North Carolina and is present in 173 cities across the state.

  • 8. Burger King

    Okay, Burger King is certainly one of those places you can’t go to long without seeing a location. Burger King used to be my ultimate go to place when I was younger. They have 245 North Carolina locations in 147 cities across the state. Trust me, Charlotte is one of them for sure.

  • 7. Wendy's

    Okay, this is another one of my favorites. Wendy’s is a popular food chain across the entire country. I think anyone sees that logo they are going to know that little girl with the red hair logo for sure. Wendy’s has 258 locations across 143 cities throughout the Tar Heel state. If there is one thing you should know, that sweet and sour sauce is a must have!

  • 6. Taco Bell

    Taco Bell is another one of people’s favorites. I am not a huge Taco Bell fan, but I also know they do have some great things on their menu! Taco Bell has 260 locations across 153 cities in the state. They may not be in tons of cities, but they are surely poppin’ throughout the state.

  • 5. Ginger People

    Now, this one has me a little lost. I am not from North Carolina originally so maybe that’s why I have never heard of them. Ginger People is clearly super popular throughout the state. With 331 locations across 122 cities in North Carolina, this place is popular! I have never heard of Ginger People but it clearly is a popular place, so maybe I should look into it. It seems there are brands that are also located in stores, so maybe I should look around for it.


  • 4. Bojangles

    Now, we all know Bojangles is all over North Carolina. Certainly, right here in Charlotte. Bojangles is popular and a must enjoy when you’re in the Carolinas. People who visit this side of the country know Bojangles is a must have when they come from places that don’t have it. Bojangles has 340 locations across 184 cities in the state.

  • 3. McDonald's

    McDonald’s is clearly one of the most popular fast food places. This logo is one of the most recognizable logos across the entire world. How crazy is that? They have 462 locations in North Carolina across 206 cities in the state. We all know what a McDonald’s is, clearly.

  • 2. Subway

    Who would have known that Subway is a popular food chain in North Carolina. I know it’s pretty known, but would have never guessed it coming at No. 2. They have 676 Subway locations in North Carolina across 292 cities.

  • 1. Mary's Gone Crackers

    Mary’s Gone Crackers is a brand I have never heard of. But, it came in at No. 1 as North Carolina’s most popular food chain. It is also located in plenty of grocery stores, so maybe I will be able to find it. They have 910 locations across 244 cities in the Tar Heel state. WOW!

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