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This South Carolina Town Has the State’s Worst Air Quality

Well, be careful out there South Carolina. Air quality can be an important factor when it comes to knowing where you live. During this time, many are having allergy reactions and sneezing and coughing like crazy. Can you guess which town in South Carolina has the state's worst air quality? A-Z Animals is naming South Carolina's town with the worst air quality. Located in Greenville County is the town of Mauldin. With the area growing in population as Greenville continues to be one of the state's newest booming areas, the air quality is somewhat important. Did you know that larger cities/counties tend to have more issues from pollution? Actually, in the Greenville County area, there were nearly 15 deaths linked to poor air quality back in 2016. Reports are showing that the Air Quality Index in Mauldin is 53.6. Anything between 51 and 100 is a moderate health concern so it is something to note when in the area. What does poor air quality mean for us? Well, poor air quality can affect our health in multiple ways. Things such as: Worsen lung disease Skin irritation Trigger asthma symptoms and bronchitis Increase respiratory infections Affect lung development and more! Check out the full article here to learn more about the air quality in Mauldin and some of the information when it comes to this area of Greenville County.

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