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The Esports Industry Generates Winners How Much Money In The US?

With over 312 million esports fans expected by 2025, the esports industry has gained popularity across the globe. And in all honesty, I couldn't be farther from the target demographic for any of it. But clearly, people love it! So just how much money do players from different countries earn? And what are they playing to make all this cash? (Seeing the totals has me thinking maybe I could learn to appreciate this?) Well, Casinos Crypto has taken a closer look and found out each country's number of players, highest earning game, highest earning player and the amount won. Some of the most popular games include Dota 2, Fortnite (even I've heard of this one), League of Legends, and Counter-Strike. With Dota 2 being far and above the most popular. You learn something new every day. The US has 22072 players, winning an impressive total of $208,358,286.12. I'm sorry what? WHAT? That number is actually mind-blowing. I truly do not understand who is watching people play video games as entertainment and why. I just don't get it. When I was a kid my video game experience was extremely limited (basically I had a PlayStation to play the Mary Kate and Ashley game lol). But I did have a friend with two older sisters who enjoyed them. And sometimes we would sit and watch them play and I hated it. Even if I didn't know how I wanted to play. Not watch someone else do it? I mean I guess people could possibly say the same about sports like football or basketball? If someone wants to explain the appeal to me I'm all ears. Seriously. I want to understand. But getting back to the subject of this article. The highest-earning player in the US is Kyle Giersdorf and the highest-earning game in the US is Fortnite, whereas other countries in the top 10 appear more successful in games such as previously mentioned Dota 2. Keep reading to see exactly where the US ranked and how much other countries are generating. You can view the full study here. These are the top 15 highest-ranking countries in the esports industry:

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