As part of the first generation that grew up with the Panthers, I’ve spent my entire life dreaming of a Panthers Super Bowl win. I was in middle school the first time they made the playoffs under John Fox and Jake Delhomme. And I was devastated when we lost. Then after starting 14-0 it had to be our time right? Nope, I’m not sure what Panthers team showed up in Santa Clara in 2015 but it wasn’t the one we watched the rest of the season. As part of the media, I saw the emails regarding the potential parade that would have occurred if we won. I’m still waiting on that parade as is the rest of the city of Charlotte. So what will it take to bring the Lombardi Trophy home to the Carolinas? One major sports publication thinks the Panthers can (and should) win a Super Bowl under new coach Frank Reich.

A lot of fans were happy with the hire, wanting Steve Wilks for the job. I expressed why I had hesitations about that last week, and do feel an offensive mind like Reich is what we need. Reich was introduced officially to Charlotte today in a press conference. And like it or not, he’s now the coach. I’m cautiously optimistic, and honestly just glad to move on from the dismal last few years. But Schuyler Callihan, who writes for All Panthers which is a part of Sports Illustrated, is more optimistic. In fact, he believes the Panthers can win it all under their new head coach.

Here are the five reasons why he says it can happen:

  1. The defense is young and loaded with talent
  2. The offensive line is built
  3. We have what he thinks is the best roster in the NFC South
  4. Reich will draft and develop a franchise QB
  5. He has a winning background

Calliham raises good points, and I agree that we are just a few key pieces, including that franchise QB, away from being a legitimate contender. I miss the excitement that playoff football brought to Charlotte. Not even playoff football just a team you knew would compete each and every weekend. I can’t wait to see the moves the team makes in the off-season, and how next year shapes up. It’s been a rough few years as a Panthers fan and if Reich can bring that passion back and maybe even a Lombardi Trophy, well he will be Charlotte royalty for life. You can read Schuyler Callihan’s full analysis of what he believes the Panthers will win a Super Bowl under Frank Reich here.

The Carolina Panthers Are The Most Stressful Team To Support

First I have to say I disagree with this statement. I want to clarify that I have been a Panthers fan my entire life. I’m in the generation where I haven’t known Charlotte without the Panthers. That being said, I have emotionally detached from the team for the past several years. I say that to mean that while I still watch the games, I don’t get emotionally invested. I expect them to lose at this point, so I don’t get nervous during the games or upset with a loss. Which is a far cry from normal for me. Anyone who knows me will tell you being with me during a college game (or Panthers a few years ago) is next-level stressful. But a recent study by ClutchBet has found that the Carolina Panthers are the most stressful team to support this time of year.

The Study

For any NFL teams this time of year is stressful if you’re looking to clinch that playoff spot, division title, or the elusive first-round bye. So this was taken into account by ClutchBook. They analyzed numbers from 2017-2021 to determine the most stressful teams to support. This is because, in that time span, the Panthers have only won 24% of their November and December games. That is essentially one game per month. Though its too soon to truly tell the tides may be turning. The Panthers are coming off a win on Sunday and are on a two-game win streak. They’ve even won 3 out of their 5 November and December games. If you aren’t good at math that’s a 60% win rate. I’d take that any day over the trends of the past few seasons.

In fact, the Panthers still have an outside shot at a division win and playoff spot. Regardless of if we reach that, it’s obvious the turnaround under intern coach Steve Wilkes. Keep reading to see the the breakdown of the Carolina Panthers and  the most and least stressful teams to support during the holiday season! Or you can view to full ClutchBet study here.

  • Most Stressful NFL Teams To Support During The Holiday Season

  • 1. Carolina Panthers

    Panthers Fake Followers

    % Of Wins: 24.00%

    % Of Home Wins: 25.00%

  • 2. Jacksonville Jaquars


    % of Wins: 25.93%

    % of Home Wins: 38.46%

  • 3. Detroit Lions

    Detroit Lions

    % of Wins: 39.63%

    % of Home Wins: 26.67%

  • 4. New York Giants

    NY Giants

    % of Wins: 39.63%

    % of Home Wins: 28.57%

  • 5. Las Vegas Raiders

    Las Vegas Raiders

    % of Wins: 33.33%

    % of Home Wins: 38.46%

  • Least Stressful Teams To Support During The Holiday Season

  • 1. Kansas City Chiefs

    Kansas City Chiefs

    % of Wins: 84.00%

    % of Home Wins: 86.67%

  • 2. Green Bay Packers


    % of Wins: 72.00%

    % of Home Wins: 84.62%

  • 3. Baltimore Ravens


    % of Wins: 70.37%

    % of Home Wins: 86.67%

  • 4. LA Rams

    LA Rams

    % of Wins: 69.23%

    % of Home Wins: 75%

  • 5. Dallas Cowboys

    Dallas Cowboys

    % of Wins: 66.67%

    % of Home Wins: 66.67%


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