I love pizza.  Ok, I said it.  It’s the ultimate indulgence whether hot and cheesy for late-night or leftover cold for breakfast.  And, one South Carolina pizza spot cracked the top ten best pizzas in the country according to Yelp.  The online food review source searched all over the United States and Canada and ranked the best, according to total volume and ratings of reviews by Yelp respondents. Then, they compiled the top 100.  And Toni’s Detroit Style Pizza in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina landed at number 9.  It’s a family-run pizzeria with three Detroit natives at the helm.  In true Detroit style, they bake each pie in an authentic blue steel pizza pan.  The pan is the key to achieving the signature crispy crust that makes this style so special.

Yelpers rave, “they loaded on the toppings, and the cheese and sauce were delicious.” Toni’s also serves Detroit specialty sodas like Vernor’s Ginger Ale and Faygo Rock ‘n Rye or Red Pop.   Plus, the team behind Toni’s worked for many years in famous Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit.  Find Toni’s on Hwy. 17 North in Mt. Pleasant.  But, congrats to the South Carolina pizza spot making Yelp’s top ten in the country.  And, cracking the top 20 on the list is a spot in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Geno D’s Pizza in Charlotte came in at number 15.  They’re located inside The Market at 7th Street.  The foldable style pizza is known as New Jersey Style and was established in 2021.  They’re known for “Grandma Pizza.”  This one is cooked in a rectangular pan and features fresh mozzarella and housemade pesto.  Yelpers say, “my mouth immediately started watering.”  And, check here to find your fave on the top 100.