Janine Davis

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How’d you like a little liquor to go with your Bojangles iced tea? I knew it was just a matter of time before the sweet tea at the ‘Bo’ would have the added flavor of alcohol. Introducing the new Bojangles Hard Sweet Tea.

Bojangles made the announcement on Tuesday. It has created a partnership with Appalachian Mountain Brewery (AMB) to come up with a more adult version of the beverage. Bojangles officials say the drink will combine its “knowledge of expertly steeped sweet tea and AMB’s award-winning brewing innovation.” The result they say is a beverage that is easy to drink and a refreshing hard tea. Obviously, the brand is for ages 21 and older.”

The sweet tea will be sold in stores, not in the chain’s restaurants.

Look to purchase the new Bojangles hard tea beginning in March in the Carolinas. It will be sold at stores such as Circle K, Sheetz, Harris Teeter, Walmart, and Food Lion. It will expand to other states at later dates.