The trip over the river and through the woods could cost less this year.  A convenience chain is selling $1.99 gas for the Thanksgiving holiday in North Carolina.

Sheetz will sell its Unleaded 88 gasoline for $1.99 a gallon through midnight on November 28, 2022.  We spoke to a worker at Sheetz in Wake Forest (1895 South Franklin St.), who said the promotion is only available at Sheetz locations that sell Unleaded 88.  Unleaded 88 is a gasoline/ethanol blend with a higher percentage of ethanol.  It is also known as E15, indicating that it contains 15% ethanol.

At $1.99 a gallon, it’s a big savings.  Unleaded 88 currently averages around $2.69 a gallon in North Carolina.  On a 15-gallon tank, the Thanksgiving promotion price would save you $10.50.

But is Unleaded 88 good for your car?  Most auto experts agree that it is fine to use in cars built after 2001, and the miles-per-gallon are virtually the same as Unleaded 87 (which contains only 10% ethanol). Promoters of Unleaded 88 say it burns cleaner and it therefore safer for the environment.

According to estimates from the AAA, Thanksgiving travel is expected to be up 1.5% this year, ranking as the third busiest for travel since the association began tracking it in 2000.

The chain did a similar promotion over the summer, lowering gas prices in advance of the July 4 holiday.