Photo by Wang He/Getty Images

Ring cameras catch some wild things and there’s video proof! A family in Asheville, North Carolina has video footage of a big black bear trying to open the doors to their home. It’s wild to watch because the bear is so smart!

In the video you can see the bear in their garage, sniffing around. It gives the trash can a lick or two, and then opens the storm door. The bear then tries to open the door to the home, but luckily it was locked.

After being unable to open the door, the bear then tries a another door. That door was locked as well, thank goodness!

I’m so glad the family was able to stay safe from this bear but I must admit, the bear is kinda cute. Of course, I’m seeing it on a video. I don’t think I’d think it was as cute in person. Take a look at the video for yourself. And always lock your doors!