Janine Davis

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A video is circulating on social media that shows a Guilford County high school student slapping an administrator. According to FOX8, it happened at Ragsdale High School last Wednesday (September 21).

The 47-second video showed a high school student standing, yelling profane words and then punching an assistant principal once in the face. Then the video shows the administrator backs away, turns and then leaves the classroom.

FOX8 talked to Mike Richey, GCS emergency management director . Richey says, “You could hear the sound of the woman being slapped in the face,” she said. “It’s just disgusting. It makes me tremble.”

Soon after the student punches the administrator, a school staff member tries to put the student’s hands behind his back.

Richey says, “This type of behavior is not acceptable in our schools, period.”

The student is now under investigation by the school district and the authorities.

Richey told FOX8 that the school district is in talks with the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office to potentially file a juvenile lawsuit against the high school student.

He adds that parents play a role in preventing such violence as well. GCS has increased its mental health resources for students to assist. Richey told FOX8 that the child and parents will be brought to a meeting with school leaders about the situation and the consequences.

According to the district handbook, if a student threatens or assaults an adult, it’s a 10-day suspension.

The administrator is reportedly fine and has already been back on campus.