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Who Should Be The Next Superintendent In Meck County

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board needs to know what parents want to see in the new School Superintendent. All counties spend a lot of money on consulting firms to drop new surveys when hiring for these types of executives. Civility Localized is searching for our answers between September 26 to December 13, 2022 in Mecklenburg County. Gathering community input in an authentic and inclusive manner is critical for the school board superintendent search process. According to School Superintendents salary is $170,544 as of August 29, 2022. But other articles reference salaries between $139,310 and $205,787, but what razzle and dazzle do they need to have? The primary role of any superintendent is to develop and maintain your school budget. The essence of a School Superintendent is to be excellent with money in the budget.

If we were to break down the role of a superintendent is essentially the face of the district. Many times they do not represent all children otherwise we wouldn’t have Title One schools in 2022. If you live in large districts you might have an assistant superintendent. They play a role in a few areas such as transportation or curriculum. Both the superintendent and their assistant meet on the daily operations of their area. If you desire to be in this role the typical education is having a Bachelor’s degree, teaching credentials. But also having a Master’s degree, and Superintendent or Administrative Professional Certification. Visit their website on September 26th to the options at

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