Janine Davis

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I was just minutes from my home. Happy I’d picked up my shrimp tacos and plantains, when all of a sudden, I see the side of a dark gray Hummer crashing into my SUV! I’d been hit!

I thought I was in a movie, in slow-motion. And my scream seemed to last 20 minutes. When I opened my eyes, my windshield was shattered, but not broken. The front left side of my car was now in the middle of my hood. There was white plastic in my face and my lap (airbags deployed) and a man on a speaker inside my car, asking was I okay?

Clearly, I was disoriented. But, I managed to answer what seemed to be a barrage of questions from a man I couldn’t even see. He was from BMW emergency road support. Another man appeared on the drivers side. His name was Mark. I peeked from underneath the airbag (yes, it was dangling from the driver side window).

My car was smoking at this point and I started to cough. I just wanted to get out, so I checked my extremities to make sure I COULD get out. Mark asked if I wanted help out of the car. I was able to still open the door. He helped me over to the grass, where another lady in a security uniform was. “Ms. Security Boss” is who she told me she was. And boy did I need her. She told me I’d just sat on

an ant hill, so she gave me her jacket to sit on instead. Whew! Thankful for that!

Not long after that the firetruck, police and more police and nearby business owners came out to see all the commotion. They all did what they were supposed to do — making sure I was okay, that I was safe and investigating to see what really did happen.

I’m thankful that Mark was able to capture entire crash on his dash cam and that there were cameras on the stoplights at that intersection. Once I got my wits about me, I texted my emergency circle to let them know I was okay.

I looked back on that day and at my car you’ll see below. And started to shed a tear. No, not of fear or grief, but of God’s grace. Apparently, He’s not done with me yet!!! Forever Praising Him!!

JD and Donna

JD and friend Donna Murrell who stopped to help are crash. She was a lifesaver and took me to Urgent Care!

JD and security officer