It’s my favorite time of year.  This weekend the Cabarrus County Fair kicks off.  We will be visiting to do some special food tastings we will share with you soon.  But, the fair always reminds me that food just tastes better on a stick.  This Waffle Iron Corn Dog recipe fits the bill perfectly!

My fun series, “TikTok made me do it” continues.  Everyone I know loves a corn dog.  After all, food on a stick is always better.

I’ve seen so many people using mini waffle irons to make different foods these days, and I just had to try it.   I don’t have a mini waffle maker, as you can see.  However, different tool, same result.  These turned out so cute and delicious.

One tip I learned the hard way…don’t overfill the waffle iron or you will have a bit of clean up to do.  Otherwise, I give these two big thumbs up!