There is a job where you can get paid just by going to the beach. is making that offer. They are looking to hire a Retro Beach Motelier.

Just what is a ‘motelier’? According to the company’s news release, this person will visit several retro beach motels around the country with oceanside views, of course. The hotels will include’s 10 best retro beach motels like The Pearl Hotel in San Diego, CA, and Vagabond Hotel in Miami, Florida.

The motelier will be equipped with accessories needed to get the job done. That will include old-school accessories like striped umbrellas, vintage sunnies, cooler, and even a solar-powered AM/FM radio. There will be able to document their trip using a classic polaroid camera.
And that’s not all. The ‘glorified’ beacher will receive a $10,000 stipend to cover travel expenses. And a $5,000 salary to spend on classic beachside snacks, like salt water taffy, and snow cones. The goal of the ‘Retro Beach Motelier’ is to find the beach motels that can be just as luxurious as inclusive high-end hotels. And without the high price tag.
If this sounds like a dream job, you can complete the online application. You will need to include your Instagram handle to show your picture-taking skills. And you won’t have to travel alone. says one guest is allowed to travel with you.