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Do you feel like taking a vacation but physically can’t? Try turning to Wanderlust books to give you all the travel vibes without leaving your couch. Whether it’s a twisty thriller in a cool city or a romance on a quaint beach, you can mentally plan it all from the comfort of your own home. Here are some books I recommend for all sorts of travel dreams—from beaches to deserts to cities and much more.

Season of Love by: Harper Bliss – Alice travels to her business partner’s vacation home in Portugal, all to meet her partner’s daughter and fall head over heels. This is for the reader dreaming of a spicy vacation romance.

Kisses and Croissants by: Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau – This adorable YA romance follows an American in Paris for an elite summer ballet program. Along the way, she meets Louis who offers to be her tour guide, and the two get into some mischief.

Tokyo Ever After by: Emiko Jean

-Raised by a single mother forced to play down her Japanese identity in a white American town, Izumi (Izzy) later discovers the identity of her father: The Crown Prince of Japan. She then travels there to meet her father.

The Dry by: Jane Harper – For a page-turning thriller set in a sweltering Australian summer, “The Dry” follows a federal agent after his best friend died, leaving him with a damaging secret to protect. It has small town, big secrets vibes, but being set in an Australian drought makes it very impressive.

Outlawed by: Anna North – If going a more historical route excites you, “Outlawed” will have you wishing you were inside a museum at that very moment. After a year of marriage with no pregnancy in a town that murders barren women, Ada leaves everything behind to join a band of outlaws in the Wild West.

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