Janine Davis

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Attention Gen Z and Millennials: KFC has a new menu item specifically designed for you.  Starting Monday, the chicken chain is offering Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets made with white meat. The all-white meat nuggets will be in restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina, for a limited time.

KFC already has a few other types of chicken, like popcorn nuggets, but these new nuggets KFC execs say are targeted to the younger customers between the ages of 18 and 24. CNN Business reports KFC and other restaurants are particularly interested in this age group because the earlier you engage a consumer, the better chance you have to build loyalty.

KFC consultants say younger customers, like Gen Z and Millennials are interested in boneless chicken options. So, KFC is answering that call. The new white meat chicken nuggets will include KFC’s 11 signature herbs and spices. The nuggets come in servings of eight, 12, or 36 pieces.
The nuggets also have another advantage, consultants say. They are the perfect size for snacking. And according to the consultants, that is the latest trend – making eating convenient. Many people have made the switch to work from home or are learning to eat on the go.
KFC has made other changes to its menu. Earlier this year, it offered a plant-based fried chicken nugget as an alternative. Analysts say it was a way to “elevate KFC’s brand, and keep it relevant.
WCNC reports the nuggets will be available at restaurants in Charlotte and surrounding areas, including Concord, Mint Hill, Salisbury, and Shelby.