PASTO, COLOMBIA - JANUARY 07: Cuys or Guinea Pigs are seen in their cage as part of the Festival del Cuy during the Negros y Blancos carnival on January 7, 2022 in Catambuco, Nariño, Colombia. This UNESCO-recognized carnival takes place every January in the Southern Andean city of Pasto. The Carnival of "Blancos y Negros" has its origins in a mix of Amazonian, Andean and Pacific cultural expressions.

We can thank Alexa for this story. While searching for some motivation this morning I asked the virtual assistant to tell me something good. And she delivered! Apparently, a North Carolina guinea pig is a world record holder. Who knew?

Coco is a 5-year-old Abyssinian guinea pig who resides in High Point, NC. He was adopted from an animal shelter in December of 2018. And now he is an official Guinness World Records holder. So yes, this less than 5-pound animal is more accomplished than me. Don’t rub it in haha. But the video is adorable! Coco set the record for the most completed tricks done by a guinea pig in one minute. There is a record for everything!

The record was set back on March 6th of this year. And the video was posted on social media by Guinness World Records just last week. Coco’s owner is named Gwen. Gwen began to teach Coco tricks through a trick certification program after noticing the animal’s seemingly endless energy. And he took to it fast mastering over 70 tricks. This led to Coco becoming a “Trick Guinea Pig Champion”. Umm what? There is so much I need to learn about this!

You can watch the video of Coco the North Carolina guinea pig who set the world record, below:

Source Guinness World Records