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I've known her through it all

I asked one of my best friends to marry me? Okay – let me explain. I’ve been knowing this chick (Yvonne) since junior high.(now known as middle school so that says just how long we’ve been friends😀). We got tight in high school, then were college roommates.

Yesterday, we hung out. She lives in Charlotte, but we both find it challenging to connect. You know — work, family, life. We laughed, reminisced, and even got teary-eyed. Especially when we both realized that no matter how much time lapses before we see each other, the energy and connectedness are ALWAYS the same!

We still laugh, TRY to remember things, coach & inspire each other. Our conversations are never forced. And even in our quiet moments, it isn’t awkward. We get each other. And we KNOW each other. There are several truths we have vowed to take to the grave. We acknowledge we have a TRUE friendship. She’s my ride or die.

After realizing all this about our relationship, it made sense for me to (jokingly) ask her to marry me. I explained THAT’S what I want in MY mate. She gets it – she has that with her phenomenal husband.

So why am I telling this? For a couple of reasons.  1) I’m so blessed to have this TRUE friend in my life and 2) I want the universe to hear me when I say I want this kind of “best friend” in my husband. Did ya HEAR👂 that?

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