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Report Scams To FBI

First off, if you have been scammed report it on the website. In a recent study, 76 percent of 21 to 30 year old people said they would never get scammed, but they did. Data from Barclay shows that the same age group is at high risk, even more than senior citizens. At the end of the day if a deal seems too good to be true, it’s probably got strings attached. By now you’ve realized that algorithms, apps and cookies track our every movement online. And it’s strange how fast we feel regret after clicking something we shouldn’t of clicked. What are some scams? Scammers like to pretend to be Collection Agencies.

Even faking to be government employees and then there’s the loan officers and credit repair scammers. You might think that scammers are scary, but they look like your neighbors. Scammers can be disguised as life coaches. The next one is popular because it involves winning something. Fake prizes, sweepstakes, free gifts, even lottery scams. Look out for an claiming you won a prize, but you must pay a fee in order to claim your prize.

Calls from Fire Departments is a scam, police scams and even fake ransom calls. When doing shows with the FBI, they always say that the chances of recovering your money are low. Even when we cross the seas, the scams continue on another level. Don’t forget to visit to record what happened to you.

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