Janine Davis

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If you’re in the market for some clear backpacks,  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has about 46,000 of them. The district put them up for public auction starting today (Friday).

Starting bid is $50,000 with $1,000 increments accepted. The District lists the backpacks as surplus property.

In case you forgot, WBTV reported back in November, that CMS spent nearly $442,000 for about 46,000 clear backpacks. The District wanted the bags for security reasons. Some 30 guns were found on CMS campuses last year. CMS received the bags in the spring and were supposed to distribute them for a pilot program.  However, the two schools — Cochrane Collegiate Academy and Hopewell High School — never got to hand them out.

In March, CMS officials paused the rollout of the bags after learning the backpacks contained a warning tag required by Proposition 65 for California residents. Proposition 65 says businesses have to have that tag to warn consumers the product could have significant exposure to chemicals that cause cancer.

And not all parents were in favor of clear book bags. saying they invaded students’ privacy.

If you’re interested in putting a bid in on the clear backpacks, join the auction here.