Need to relax? How about a day all about YOU? The spa is just the place. Charlotte has a bunch of spas and it's a great way to enjoy a winter day. A visit to the spa in winter is truly a leisure everyone should experience.

Ever heard of a hot mineral bath? Yeah, me neither! Well, that is until now. One North Carolina resort is famously known for offering its hot mineral baths in the mountains. Talk about relaxation? Not only can you enjoy hot mineral baths, but you can camp year-round at Hot Springs Resort and Spa.

Hot Springs Resort and Spa is located in the Western part of North Carolina in Hot Springs, North Carolina tucked right into nature. Tucked along the banks of Spring Creek and the French Broad River, this peaceful oasis will have you never wanting to go back home. They offer eight camping cabins, hundreds of tent sites, and RV hookups for all guests to enjoy. They also offer tons of recreational activities such as white water rafting, zip line tours, horseback riding, and hiking. When you’re not enjoying one of these fun activities, then you have to check out their world-famous mineral baths.

Deep into the earth, natural hot minerals are created and this spa offers you a full experience to enjoy the relaxation. Famous since 17778, these mineral baths are great for those treating a health problem or simply wanting to relax. Relaxing in the hot mineral bath water can relieve stress and fatigue, eases stiffness and pain, increase circulation, and known to help most circulatory illnesses. Hot Springs Resort and Spa offers a variety of hot mineral bath packages seven days a week.

If you’re like me and into trying new things and enjoy relaxation then this might be perfect for you. North Carolina’s nature is already one of its more beautiful features, so why not relax right in it. You can learn more about hot mineral baths and the spas accommodations on their website.

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