It’s one of my favorite drinks I never get to have. A treat on a vacation, or if I’m lucky in Charlotte at a limited option of brunch places. But now South End is getting a frosé bar and I couldn’t be happier about this. If you haven’t had frosé it’s basically a rosé wine slushy. The best I’ve ever had? A place called the Paris Market in Savannah, GA. I’ve also enjoyed Tupelo Honey’s which you can get in Charlotte. But you can never have too many options! The newest? Well, it’s called Co-Op Frosé and Eatery. Co-Op is a Charleston-based stop that in addition to its namesake is also known for its sandwiches.

The restaurant will open in the South End neighborhood at 34o W Tremont Ave within the next 6 months according to their Instagram. The location is next to Hi-Wire Brewing. Other new locations are also planned for Nashville, Chatanooga, and more in the Charleston area. 6 months isn’t soon enough. I cannot wait to sip some frosé and enjoy one of the salads or sandwiches on Co-Op’s menu. I’m so happy to have a South End frosé bar. Something new and unique is always welcome!