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You don’t have to be in Hollywood to get botox these days. There’s a med spa in Charlotte, NC that says business is booming with ‘Baby Botox.’

The CEO of Plumped, Kristin Cabeda, says she’s injected several local celebrities and influencers. WCCB Charlotte reports more people are coming to the west Charlotte aesthetic boutique these days to get what’s called “baby Botox.” Cabeda says its ‘baby’ because it’s more preventative and younger people are coming to get the treatment.

She says with the “baby Botox”, clients have to come more frequently for treatments. Clients as young as 25 years old have come to Plumped to ‘smooth out forehead lines.’  Some of those clients say the procedure is painless and is worth a few needle pokes.

Baby Botox is not the only popular treatment at the Plumped med spa. Cabeda says they also offer PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin) gel treatments. Cabeda says the treatment includes them “making gel out of your blood with no additives in it.” She adds they are then able to inject it anywhere in the face and body. And on the Plumped instagram, a fan favorite appears to be the PDO treatment. Cabeda explains it’s basically a non-surgical face lift and is one of the least painful procedures they do.

Cabeda is making a name for herself and her business. She’s been named one of the country’s top 100 injectors. And she will likely be in the business it appears for the long-run. According to The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery,  last year Botox was the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure. There were nearly 1.5 million procedures done.