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When Russia invaded Ukraine back in January (2022),  McDonald’s shut down its fast-food restaurants in Russia. The golden arches may have gone, but 15 McDonald’s restaurants reopened in the country with a new look and ownership.

According to CNN Business, Alexander Nikolaevich Gover is the new owner. And McDonald’s has been renamed “Vkusno & Tochka” which means “Tasty and that’s it.” And it’s not just the new look, there’s a new business plan for expansion. A press release says they plan to open 200 branches by the end of June and all branches by the end of the summer.

According to the press release, the former McDonald’s will rehire 62,000 employees. You may recall, that once Russia invaded Ukraine, the McDonald’s chain decided to leave the country. It shut down its restaurants and sell its Russian business. Several other Western businesses followed suit once the invasion started in February.
McDonald’s sold the business for almost $1.4 billion.
New owner Govor says other franchises can work under the new brand, but the traditional McDonald’s brand will leave the country. Govor says the chain could buy back its restaurants in Russia within 15 years.
The rebranding of McDonald’s in Russia coincided with Russia Day. That’s the holiday that marks the country’s independence. McDonald’s opened its first Russian restaurant in January 1990. And on its first day, the fast-food chain served about 30,000 people. And apparently, people were anxious to work for the company, too. The Washington Post says 27,000 people applied to work at that time. Of those, McDonald’s chose 630 employees.