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Are These Apps Worth It

With algorithms being the new beast in town, we have to slay it, but can we really? Although we might not know a lot about algorithms, they know way too much about us. As we were signing up to get discounts if we shared our info, what does that cost? Yes, the discount was nice, but now we have companies sharing our shopping trends. Apps are amazing because we can share our personal lives, our business and our disagreements, but our behavior is being monitored.

It’s no secret that we’re being monitored by things we’ll never know, but we’re seeing pitfalls and fallouts happening. Shadow banning is a thing when flagged and put on timeout on social apps. Shadow banning is the practice of blocking a user or their content from some areas of an online community. Here comes the juicy part of this article regarding algorithms being biased. How can an App have biases? The short answer is, people program algorithms for Apps and their biases bleed through them. At the end of the day most people don’t see their biases. Biases are imbedded in us, making them almost impossible for us to see, or care to see. I leave you with a question of, do algorithms know us better than we do?

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