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Rose Of Washington Square, US lobbycard, from left: Alice Faye, Al Jolson, 1939. (Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)

A Black Charlotte couple says they were offended when they visited a popular lounge in uptown recently. They say Sophia’s Lounge showed a movie in blackface.

According to WCCB, Alexandra and Kevin Keith went to the business for a date night. Once they were seated, the couple noticed a black and white movie was playing and the actors were in blackface. They asked their server to have it turned off.  The server mentioned it to the manager, but no immediate action was taken.

The couple did admit at one point, that the movie was turned off, but turned back on.

Sophia’s Lounge Management did respond to the couple’s complaint in a written statement to WCCB. It reads, “We have taken immediate action to ensure this program (or similar programming)  will not be shown again. In keeping with our theme, the lounge had been playing classic films from Turner Classic Movies.”

“The management team has been made fully aware of this situation and is monitoring what is broadcasted so that this will not occur again. We thoroughly and completely apologize to all of our guests for this unfortunate situation.”