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Witchcraft For Beginners

On May 26th Massachusetts lawmakers cleared Elizabeth Johnson’s criminal charges 329 years after she was wrongly convicted of witchcraft. So back in 1693 she was sentenced to death at the boom of the Salem witch trials. I’m happy this happened, but don’t law makers have more pressing issues on the table these days? Johnson was around 22 years old when she was caught up in the witch trials and sentenced to hang, but it never happened. The governor at the time William Phips dismissed Johnson’s punishment. Don’t get it twisted, they did kill twenty people from Salem and surrounding towns.

Lots of women who were real witches put the blame on the innocent to hide their truth. Back in the day they hanged and torched others because they didn’t understand the good nature of witches. If you’re new to witchcraft is a practice of harnessing your will to manifest your best life. Here’s a cheat list about magic.

Spirit or ancestral work means you’ll work with spirits close to your ancestors. Light magic is a form of magic generally of positivity and love. Dark magic is a form of magic that uses hexes, curses and malicious intent. Energetic work is using energies of the universe and crystals for example, often for healing. Devotional is when you create a practice centered around the devotion of a deity. I guess we’ll leave it here for you to do some more research.

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