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Charlotte Hornets LaMelo Ball is being sued by his former publicist Amber Johnson, for 10 million after he allegedly stiffed her out of money over a major contract with Puma. Amber was hired by Ball in 2019 to help obtain major business deals. In the lawsuit she claims Ball and his camp agreed to pay her 10 percent of any deals she found for the superstar and to reimburse her for out of pocket expenses that she sustained in the process. Johnson says she helped speed up communication between Melo and the shoe company, but in August of 2019 Ball’s  agent and manager Jermaine Jackson told Johnson to stop talks with Puma because Lamelo was probably going to end up signing a partnership deal with Nike. In October of 2020, it was announced that LaMelo Ball had signed an endorsement deal with Puma worth $100 million. Amber believes LaMelo owes her $10 million, including $4,870 in unreimbursed expenses.