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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) described him between 5’2 – 5’4 in height, a muscular build and 20-30 years old. Authorities say he was allegedly responsible for 15 sexual assault cases that started in the 1990’s. They’ve identified the suspect as David Edward Doran, also known as the “Myers Park Rapist.”

CMPD says Doran armed with a knife, would break into several homes, move the victims to a different location where he would assault them. They believe the last case occurred in January 1999. Over the nine years, police say the multiple cases were similar.  It was media who dubbed him as the “Myers Park Rapist.”

Police say it was forensic science that helped them identify the serial rapist as Doran. Detectives would later learn Doran died in June 2008. All of the victims have been notified of this latest announcement.

CMPD officials also credits the departments sexual assault cold case unit for developing a suspect through a DNA profile.